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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bank of America offers upto 30K in relocation assistance for short sales

Bank of America is offering relocation assistance between 5,000-30,000 to customers who successfully short sale their home!  This is great news! Currently, Bank of America offers 2 incentives to short sale candidates, the HAFA program (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative) which gives a 3,000 incentive to homeowners and the other, Cooperative short sale program which gives a 2,500 incentive.  In the traditional short sale, the homeowner does not receive the incentive.  It is still unclear to me if the homeowner qualifies for this if they have an FHA or government loan.

To read more about this program, the Enhanced Relocation Incentive, read the full article.

By the way, I am now a Certified Agent for Dignified Transitions Solutions (DTS), which is a Bank of America partner for their short sales.  Need a short sale specialist/realtor?  Call me at (512)786-7355 today.