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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where to find Foreclosures/REO's in Austin

I received a call from a buyer who was searching for foreclosures or distressed properties and told me that he found a foreclosure home he was interested in. The website gave him the name of the street but when he wanted to see the details of the home, the site asked him for his credit card information. He asked me if I could do some research for him. I told the buyer that my website was just the site he needed to search for foreclosures.

A few months ago, another buyer kept calling me to show her foreclosures that she found on a website. But when I pulled the information, the address was sold months ago or the address did not exist. I told her that all she did was got me and her excited and I asked her to please stop using that website because the information was incorrect.

My website gives you accurate and real-time updated MLS information of foreclosure listings ONLY. Enter your search criteria, either by town, school disctrict, or zip code, enter your home criteria price, number of bedrooms, square footage and YES, the list returned will only be REO's or foreclosures with the addresses and details! You don't have to enter your credit card number, your SSN OR give me your first born!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go find yourself a great deal, then call me when you are ready for your showing. The website to search for REO's/foreclosures in Austin is

PJ's Real Estate Joke on Home Inspection

Should you allow your friend to inspect your next home? Hmm, why not you ask? I know you trust your best friend with your first born and even let them work on your prized truck but come on, what does he/she know about the structural/electrical/plumbing issues of a home? Do the right thing and get a professional and licensed home inspector. In the state of Texas, inspectors must be licensed and are required to take classes just like realtors are. So blame it on your realtor, tell your friend that your realtor made you hire an inspector. Don't lose a friend over a house, after all, you'll need them to help you move! Double click on the photo to magnify! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do you bite more than you can chew?

I am a mom of 3 kids, a wife, have a full time and a very busy career and sometimes I feel crazy to put so many things in my plate that people think I am 'nuts'. I was really hoping to be called Super Mom but sometimes, I feel nutty.

The 2009 school year just began and having 3 kids in 3 schools (high school, middle school and elementary school) is no fun especially when I have just gone thru 3 parent nights in the 3 schools in 3 different days and today, parent/teacher conference. At every parent night, I somehow signed up to volunteer in EACH of the school's teacher appreciation luncheons or coaches luncheon (for the high school). Was I drinking? Sadly, no. In addition, I found myself teaching Faith Formation again at my church (Catechesis to some) and co-chairing the elementary school's second largest fundraiser, the school carnival. Yikes! I also volunteered to hold my own booth at the office's first Halloween Carnival. Today, I volunteered to teach 2 classes in short sales at my market center! Doesn't that require time for preparation? Just so you know, I also chair 2 other social committees for fun.

Why? Why? Why? Why do I do these things? Why do I make myself go crazy and deprive myself from rest and relaxation? Well for one thing, I don't know how to rest. I don't like to watch television, I love to read novels but lately they just put me to sleep. I teach because I love to educate people. I organize community events especially school events because I love watching the children enjoy these events. Actually, I am just young at heart. Come on, what organizer actually DRESSES UP LIKE A CLOWN to kick off the carnival ticket pre-sales? Then go to the office to fax a short sale offer after dodging the guests up front or the weird stares from my co-workers in the parking lot. "Pearl is that you? Why are you dressed like that? Your too early for halloween!"

But when I dig inside my head and find the real reason, it's because I love it and I have fun with it! I bite more than I chew because I enjoy food and the results... the happy faces, the hugs and the thank you's are just priceless. The key to the success is having a PDA or some type of organizer and have small goals each week so that I am not waiting for the last minute to accomplish everything. In fact, my office halloween booth supplies have been ordered and have arrived today. The menu for the coaches lunch for next month is figured in my head. Most of the carnival organization is complete and have delegated the work to committee chairs. It's amazing what you can do when you take small bites and chew slowly, there will be no left overs after a huge meal (or no small project left undone).

Next time you volunteer, ask yourself if the task on hand is something you will enjoy. If no, skip it and go to the next task. If you decide to do the task, do it with a SMILE and don't even think about an excuse. Why did you volunteer if you're just going to say, "I could have done a better job if I didn't have to do this or that." The excuses are like the bones when we chew.

When you put your name on the sign-up line, do it with love and you will enjoy the task and fruits of your labor. Focus on the positive and the results rather than the time commitment. After all, you volunteer because it's not about you but for others. Keep it up you may just end up like me!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drivers beware! Beginning September 1st, hand held cell phone usage in Texas school zones are now prohibited! Handset free devices are allowed. I admit it, I am constantly on my hand held phone and it is a terrible habit which I need to break. This will be enforced and anyone caught may be fined.

The only solution I have in order to break this habit is to get a puck for my MB which is needed for the Bluetooth in my car to work. Unfortunately it is quite expensive and need to have a contract closed before I can afford one. I need your referral so I can get this device. The next 5 transactions have already been allocated to new shoes, purse, shoes, FOOD, and an outfit (respectively).

Please let me know if you know of someone that needs to buy or sell real estate. There is an 8K tax credit for first time home buyers which will expire on November 30th, so if you know of anyone, please have them contact me.

If I don't get the puck, you might get a call from me asking to help pay for the fine. So would you rather send me a referral or get a call? LOL!

July Austin Market Update

Alamo Title reports the following:

Units for Sale: (compared to July 2008)New listings are down 9.06%.
Pendings are up 8.12%.
Solds decreased by 7.75%.

The chart below reflects the statistics above. A 9.06% decrease isn't so bad. How is the real estate market in your area?