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Monday, October 20, 2008

September Austin Real Estate Statistics

Looking for September's numbers? Residential sales (per units sold) in Austin are down but not bad compared to the past months. Lakeway sales are also down but only slightly. I am guessing that the down payment assistance going away had alot of buyers finding and buying a home up to the last day before this program went away.

The FHA down payment assistance program ended September 30th. Not only that, FHA's down payment requirement may increase .5% or a total of 3.5% will be required as down payment when using this program.

The data used in this chart has been obtained from the Austin Board of Realtors and has not been confirmed nor verified. Keller Williams Realty is not responsible for the inacurracy of this report.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ridge at Alta Vista, Lakeway Real Estate Statistics

A Ridge at Alta Vista resident posted a few questions at a forum asking about the current real estate market in the community. The resident asked the status of the completion, number of homes currently in the market, if there was an increase/decrease in property value. I thought I'd post the answer on my blog so that the information may be somewhat readable in table format rather than having to post it in text.

The Ridge at Alta Vista Community is split into 2 sections, the Reserves and the Estates. The Reserves I believe is to have 183 homesites, while the Estates, 111 homesites or a total of 294. This is based on the latest site plan found posted on Toll Brother's website.

I received an update from the sales office 3 weeks ago and they stated that less than 20 homesites are available at the moment and 3 were suppossedly currently in negotiations (at the time a representative from the office answered my question). I don't remember the exact split but there were definitely more Estate lots than Reserve lots. The last time I counted, there were at least 241 homes owned currently occupied but that doesn't seem right which means there are 33 homes either currently being built, about to close or an inventory home. I need to re-look at that estimate.

I went as far back as the beginning of the year and posted the number of homes sold and split them into the two sections. However, I did not further split up the homes via location (view oppossed to non view; or backs to greenbelt, etc. ) topography etc. This is just an overview of the community. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in the neighborhood, give me a call and a more accurate comparative market analysis can be given as I consider all of the features and improvements on each home.

Furthermore, I compared this year's solds to the same time frame last year. You may select on the image to enlarge it.

I post Austin's and Lakeway's real estate statistics monthly on my blog in case you want to bookmark this site or better yet, subscribe to my blogs to receive automatic feeds. If you have any questions, please call me at (512)786-SELL [7355] or send me an email at

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Real Estate Jokes

Believe it or not, I get alot of hits for my real estate jokes. I am guessing since there is so much bad press on TV and newspaper about the economy because of the mortgage mess that people turn to other means to lighten ourselves up. Hey, I am not complaining, keep reading my blogs if you feel that it makes you happy!

This is actually a cartoon I dread might happen to me eventually. With my daughter in Middle School and she actually doesn't mind taking my pens and other marketing materials to school (my coozie and lightweight bags with bling that I sewed on), yap someday I might just get a call from a boy!

I am actually trying to drum up my next halloween real estate joke in my head! Keep an eye out for it.