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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ridge at Alta Vista is getting flocked by Flamingos!

Ridge at Alta Vista has been FLOCKED!!! Homes are getting flocked everyday in Ridge at Alta Vista, Lakeway.  A dozen flamingos, as shown in these photos, flock a different home in Ridge at Alta Vista every single day.  Funny how these flamingos stay together on a person's front yard every day and mysteriously disappear at night and reappear at another person's yard in the morning.

The "flocking" is a fundraiser effort for one of the homeowner's son who has Spina Bifida.  A neighbor is raising money to run at the New York City's marathon benefitting Spina Bifida on November 6th.  The flocked Ridge at Alta Vista homeowner may ask to flock a neighbor by donating to Spina Bifida OR if the homeowner wishes the flamingos to leave immediately, that can also be arranged.  But most homeowners have volunteered to be flocked.  These flamingos will be around weeks to come unless the flamingos decide they could not withstand these 105+ degree temperatures.  Some flamingo stands have broken off due to the hard dry ground.

If you are interested in donating to this FUNdraising, please visit  Whoever came up with this absolutely creative Fundraiser, kudos to you!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Short Sale gone bad - Unexperienced Broker

What could possibly happen when you hire an inexperienced short sale agent?  The home potentially goes to foreclosure even when there is a reasonable offer on hand.  What? You ask.  Here is a story of a homeowner's experience.

A homeowner hires a broker to do a short sale on their home.  The broker accepts a reasonable offer and sends it to the bank.  The homeowner gets a foreclosure sale date a few months later.  The seller fires the broker and calls me to rescue them from foreclosure.  Apparently, the lienholder has requested several documents from the broker, the broker drops the ball and does not provide the lienholder the items, hence, the offer gets denied, and the file is sent to the foreclosure department where the attorneys file a sale date on the home.

As soon as the homeowner called me, I obtained a third party authorization to find out the status of the offer and to confirm the foreclosure date.  I requested the short sale package from the seller/borrower so that I could submit the file into the lienholder to re-open the short sale and get them approved into the short sale program.  I pleaded with the bank to postpone the foreclosure date due to the other broker's negligence.  After several calls, the lienholder postponed the foreclosure for 30 days pending review of the borrower's file.

Whew!  Seller's please make sure your agent is qualified, knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle your short sale case.  Why would you gamble your future with an agent who has no short sale experience?  Short sales is not for everyone.  It requires a certain skill, patience and understanding to be able to do this.  Please, if you are looking for an agent that knows short sale, call me TODAY at (512)786-7355.  I have closed several short sales in the Austin area covering Bee Caves, Lakeway, Round Rock, Manor, Bastrop, Kyle, Buda, Dripping Springs, South Austin.  Please do not let this happen to you.