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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Government's Bailout Plan

My television has been working overtime and I am finally finding time to sit down and watch the news to figure out what's the buzz in Washington. Sometime today, our elected officials in Washington DC will vote for this plan that will rescue our economy.

No one is really clear as to the specifics of the plan but I found this article that briefly explains the Overview of the Bailout in layman's term. I am not really sure how close this article written by Realty Times is to the actual proposed plan but I thought it was worth reading and sharing.

To the right of this blog is a Poll which ends on October 5th. Please vote and let me know what you would vote if you were our elected official. I really would love to hear any comments you may have (to post a comment, select the pencil at the bottom of this posting). Don't worry, your vote is anonymous to me and all readers.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

August Austin Market Measure

Looking for last month's sales statistics? Are you sure you really want to know? Just this past Monday, the stock market experienced a big dip and announced more bad news about banks experiencing hard times. Urgh! I can't wait for all this nightmare to be over with! Okay, enough stalling, here's August residential statistics provided by Alamo Title of Austin, TX.
Units for Sale: (compared to August 2007)

New listings were down 18.87%.
Pendings were down 21.28%.
Solds decreased by 23.21%.

As for Average Prices:

The "New Listings" average list price is up 3.90% to 312,594. In August 2007 the average list price was $300,849.
Sold average sales prices increased 7.95% to $276,954. For August 2007 it was $256,553.

In Lake Travis ISD (MLS area LS), residential sales are down 32%!!! That is just unbelievable! I know for a fact that I have not been getting any traffic in any of my listings. This is a bad, bad sign. If anyone out there has any good news to share, please do share!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

For Sale: 142 Sebastians Run in Ridge at Alta Vista, Lakeway

Play the video (by selecting Google) I have created and posted in several sites. 142 Sebastians Run is located in Ridge at Alta Vista in Lakeway, a gated Luxury community by Toll Brothers.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Ridge at Alta Vista Market Measure

Want to find out how sales are doing in Ridge at Alta Vista in Lakeway? Here you go! To get the monthly sales statistics on this neighborhood, email me so that I can include you in my monthly real estate news.

Pearl's Real Estate Joke August 2008

My children have gone back to school. I have 3, one will be going to High School, one continues to go to Middle School and one goes to a new Elementary school (as a result of new school boundaries). So yeah, I will be busier than ever.

BTW, in school lingo, getting a "referral" from a teacher means, getting written up for doing something wrong, like throwing paper in class, passing notes, not doing your homework, talking and not paying attention... the list goes on. Depending on the referral, the student may or may not end up at the principal's office. I learned this term from my High Schooler. Not surprisingly, my Middle Schooler (my daughter) has never received one.