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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are you thinking of leasing a property in Lakeway?

With the many residential sales inventory we have in Lakeway, more sellers are putting their homes in the lease market as well. As a result, the lease competition becomes another exhausting arena for negotiations. If you are thinking of leasing in Lakeway, not all realtors are willing to take lease clients as the commission involved is so little. The price of gas puts a stress on us hence, our keep becomes even smaller.

I currently have 2 lease listings in the market and both are in Ridge at Alta Vista, in Lakeway ranging from $3,000-$3,500 a month at a lease term of 12 months. Both homes are available for lease at a shorter term but the lease price is higher. If you are considering leasing a home, here is a link where you can view current Lease properties in Lakeway and Bee Caves.

I am seeing many prospect from outside Austin who are thinking of leasing since their home elsewhere is currently for sale. After the lease is over and their home is sold, these tenant prospects are planning to purchase or build a home in Lakeway. If you plan to lease a property in Lakeway or surrounding areas in Austin, be sure to give me a call and I can help you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Austin still popular for the high-techies...

Austin besides it's reputation for music and arts now has claimed a position in the high techie charts for being the 3rd highest high-tech wage payer. That's awesome news! Not sure if you knew (probably not) but I was a 20 year high techie before I became a real estate agent (though I am a 2nd generation realtor).

BTW, this news was also in Austin Statesman's paper. Austin Business Journal reported on June 24th that the average high-techie earned $100,500 in 2006. I wonder how much more they made in 2007. Businesses such as AMD, Silicone Labs, IBM, Dell and more, contribute to this. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) recently opened their newly built facility in South Austin earlier this year. Having lived in Lakeway and passing the complex on Southwest Parkway, I watched the building grow! Perhaps, the business is a contributor to South Austin's strong real estate market! Anyway, techies, read on the article from Austin Business Journal.

Austin home sales getting stronger?

Austin Business Journal reported on June 20th 2006 that Austin's home market is gaining strength. Rather than restating the article, I would rather append the article in here:

"It's showing signs of a possible rebound, but the Austin home market remains sluggish.

Single-family home sales in the metro area totaled 2,154 in May, down 20 percent compared with May 2007, according to data from the Austin Board of Realtors. However, the May figure is the highest number of total sales the area has experienced in eight months.

Austin is not seeing the drastic price drops that many other markets around the country have experienced. The average price for a single-family home stood at $263,151 in May, up 5 percent from a year ago." Read more

I took a peek at June's statistics, though premature, the Austin residential sales in June are struggling. Let's wait until July when the realtors are done entering their sales in the system. I just truly hope that the sales are no worse than -20% compared to last June. Urggh. Already I have seen sloooow amount of showings in my listings though the price reductions, and extra marketing. I just sure hope that ABJ is right in projecting stronger coming months.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pearl's Real Estate Humor July 2008

With the gas prices going up to almosts $4.00 a gallon. Here's one I came up with. I wonder if my kids will go back to my blogs when they're older and say "Wow, $4.00, those were the good days!"

Pearl's top ten gas saving tips

Need some gas saving tips? The last time I tapped off my tank was a long time ago. You can relate? Here are my top ten picks to save on gas:

1) Before getting in your car, ask yourself if this trip is necessary.
2) Consider car-pooling, share a gas bill and ride together.
3) Consider asking your neighbor if they need something from the grocery store before you leave.
4) Keep your car in shape. Make sure your car is properly tuned, filters are changed and tires are properly inflated.
5) Avoid peak rush hours. You don’t want to get caught in traffic.
6) Plan your errands.
7) Don’t leave your car running.
8) Remove excess weight in your car, drive light. I think I might just lose some weight too!
9) Consider working from home if your job permits it.
10) HIRE A REALTOR! Stop driving around neighborhoods looking for your next home. Hire me!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ready for May's Austin Real Estate Stats?

Another disappointing month is behind us. Austin Residential sales is down 25% compared to last May. Per Alamo Title, "Sold average sales prices increased 4.89% to $257,618. For May 2007 it was $245,616." This means that homes are still appreciating. Whew!
As far as Lake South stats, which includes all areas under Lake Travis ISD, residential sales are down 18% compared to last May. That's pretty high considering, May is one of our peak real estate sales months. I have attached the graphs for your reference.
NOTE: The information herein has been obtained from Alamo Title Company and Austin Board of Realtors and have not been verified. The first graph has been provided dby Alamo Title Company.