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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

PJ's ODD REAL ESTATE JOKE - Short sale negotiators

Ok, I must be in my crazy creative mood because I came up with this one.  Actually, I am going to be attending the Keller Williams' Family Reunion in Anaheim today and was thinking of marketing materials to pass out while networking to other agents in the country.  Only way I could get people to keep and remember me is that if I passed out something out of the norm, besides a regular small business card.  So I came up with the following:  One postcard with each cartoon on each side. 

I would like you to remember this when you are choosing a Realtor to market your home.  Will your Realtor create a creative flier for the outside of your home?  Will your Realtor use a template flier?  How is your Realtor planning on marketing your home?  In today's market, you need a Realtor that will make your home stand out against the competition.  Hmm, maybe it's time we talked.